5 Things To Do If You Want To Get A Good Result

Exam results day can be a nerve-wracking day that can either bring about total jubilation, complete disappointment or even—for some—something in between the two..  So if you didn’t quite get the results you were looking for, here are some of our top tips:


1. Don’t panic.

This is more of a ‘what not to do’ but it’s really important. This is not the end of the world, no matter what it feels like now. Take some time to think about your options and most importantly don’t rush into a decision you might regret later on.


2. Let out your emotions.

It’s not always good to ‘keep it all in’. If you’ve suffered a disappointment, you’re allowed to be sad or angry or frustrated. It’s normal to feel these kinds of emotions. Sometimes having a good old cry will really help the situation. According to research allowing yourself time to experience and explore your feelings is not something to be shied away from. If you’ve always been told that only weak people cry, or that crying is just for women or children, think again. It’s the body’s natural way of releasing stress and helping you to deal with disappointing situations. Keeping it all in is actually the unhealthy option.


3. Don’t give up on your dream.

If, for instance, you didn’t get the A-level results you were hoping for or expecting but are still super set on pursuing the same course,. Lay out your case and ask them whether you might still be considered—there is no harm in asking. You can also check out other universities through clearing and see what they still have available. If you want it more badly still, you may even decide to resit the year. That might sound like the worst thing ever, but actually, you may find that you understand stuff way more the second time round.


4. Get advice from people you trust.

Your family and friends will probably all have different ideas of how you can go forward so listen to them! But remember, at the end of the day, this is your decision and you have to choose what will be best for you. There are also some really great articles out there about how people have bounced back from bad exam results and how to tackle not doing so well in your A-levels.  You’ll soon find that there are lots of people who have found themselves in a similar boat to you.


5. Consider doing something different.

Sometimes shut doors (or bad results) can lead you through new and exciting doors you’d never have imagined. This could be another college course, a year out, volunteering, work placements—there are endless options.

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