How To Send Blank Message on WhatsApp 

Almost everybody is on the popular messaging app called “WhatsApp” young or old even my grannies who are new to these way of life would say “Laide I just Sent You A WhatsApp,  Please Reply” lol. I found it annoying and disturbing  at times because most of the contents they share with me are totally of no use to me but you know I just have to reply. No Choice

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So in today’s  Tech Post I will like to share with you how you can send  Blank Messages on WhatsApp. You and I know most times we don’t really have anything to say so make use of things like “lol”, “smh”, “?” or emojis which can be annoying especially at the angle of the recipient. 

So How Do You Send Blank Messages?  

There are many application available in Playstore that enables you to send blank messages in Whatsapp. Some of them are Empty, Blank Post, Empty Text. You can also send blank messages in Whatsapp by using ` symbol.
Type   “`   “`  in WhatsApp to send a blank message

I hope you find it useful next you want to send a message across informing the person I don’t know what to say

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