The Browser App That Costs 80,000Naira

It was Trending last week on various social platforms especially on the number one forum in Nigeria about a browser app called “Ekstar”. 

The browser price on Android  price  as at when this post was written cost a whopping sum of #80,000 

Before you judge the book by it cover, you need to understand that the browser can also be install on your android mobile for free as there is FREE and  Pro version both available on Google playstore 

According to Publisher’s Description 

Ekstar Browser is an android browser app. with following features: 

1. Voice Search: No Need to type

2. Text Search

3. Faster Browsing: You can easily go to your next or back search tag. 

4. Google Custom tab: Using google custom tab you can now upload and download any file. 

5. Materials Design: Look BetterEkstar Browser is the third product of Ekstar Company.

In conclusion, should incase you are tired of the browsers you have on your phone, please feel free to buy ekstar android mobile browser app. Lol

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