Shame! OAU SU Vice President smashes bottle on the social director during meeting

When you hear Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU),what probably comes to your mind  is a beautiful citadel of learning where great leaders are being nurtured and groomed. As the motto of the schools read: For Learning And Culture.

But it seems the case is gradually becoming different, the news trending now  in  the school  claims that there was a bottle war between two student leaders of the school Student Union.

The pandemonium started after a disagreement on what the funds received from the school management should be used on. According to an undisclosed sources who was present at the Student Union meeting said the meeting was going fine not until when the Vice President (Emerald)  angrily decided to leave the meeting due to reasons we can’t ascertain  as at when this report was written but we gathered that the SU Vice president Emerald left because her proposal was rejected by other executives. 

It was said that after Emerald stood up to leave,  the social director of Student Union who is popularly known as  Lamba made an attempt to stop her from the barbaric way of leaving. 

Source claims Emerald who is already angry and ready to roar like a lion told Lamba to free her which he (Lamba ) declined added to her to the action that made her to slap Lamba. 

Below is the chat and pictures which an undisclosed student who claims to be present there sent in. 

[9/6, 00:47]  Yh…we had a nice meeting…discussing what we can use the backlog for

..the management released the money for purchase of 2nd bus

[9/6, 00:48]  But we can’t buy a bus…so we decided no personal interest…lets think of something we can do with the money…a project..

[9/6, 00:48]  A library…accepted

[9/6, 00:48]  Relaxation garden accepted

[9/6, 00:49]  Emerald proposed fresher’s package… Its was discarded.. Because this is part of her budget… When we get the dues for this session she will do it…1.4 million was her proposed budget..

[9/6, 00:50]  She got vexed and was bout leaving the meeting..

[9/6, 00:50]  Lamba went to the door and was joking telling her not to leave until we are done…

[9/6, 00:51] She was already boiling with lamba was joking with her…so she slapped lamba…like twice and locked him

[9/6, 00:51]  We separated them…and lamba moved away from her…she charged at lamba again…and we were telling her to calm…

[9/6, 00:52] She didn’t answer…

[9/6, 00:52]  It seem cos people tell her she is not radical…she see this as an opportunity to prove her point

[9/6, 00:53]  So she opened the fridge and started looking for bottle…we even thought it was a joke..

[9/6, 00:53]  Someone pointed bottle to her and she smashed it on d table..

[9/6, 00:53] The bottle didn’t break and she smashed it on d tiles..

[9/6, 00:54]  So she took the edge and charged at lamba..

[9/6, 00:54] Micheal and efo fled the meeting..

[9/6, 00:54]  That was when people saw wat was happening

[9/6, 00:55] So she was able to stab lamba in his arm…we struggled to collect the bottle and  lamba head-butted her.

The injured hand of the social director

We shall keep you updated as more news unfolds.

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