How To Approach Any Beautiful Girl

Have you ever be a victim of beauty? As a guy we all have one time find ourselves  in that shoes where we dread to approach a pretty damsel.

That hot moments always feels like David facing Goliath especially the girl posses some rich appealing features.

A lot of questions come to mind like:

• Should I even come over to her?

• What should I say? And what should I not say?

• Do I have to look her in the eyes?

• What if I fail?

• What if she subsequently ceases to please me?

• What if I will not like

In this post we will like show to how to approach any lady you want to be with.

  • Stop fearing rejection

Plain and simple: Your fear of rejection is your worst enemy — yet it usually just doesn’t happen. The fact is, a beautiful woman won’t scream and run away from you. She won’t point you out to her friends and laugh. She won’t turn into a monster from hell and cut you down.

The truth is, most attractive women will respond somewhere between neutral and positive to being approached because you’re doing something that makes them feel good. It’s flattering, exciting and fun, and for that reason alone you’ll almost never see a woman respond by getting upset, being rude or acting offended. So stop worrying about it, and stop letting fear of rejection ruin your chances before you even try.

  • Don’t Ask For Her Digits

Once you know how to get a woman’s contact info, the rest of what it takes to “get the date” practically takes care of itself. That’s why the first step to becoming a Zen master when it comes to getting women’s numbers is to understand that you shouldn’t be asking for numbers at all.. you should be asking for their favorite media instead.

Most women will give up their so I’ll media handle much more quickly and easily because they consider it low-risk, easy. Best of all, once she’s already in for that, it’s easy to ask her to jot down her phone number while she’s at it.

  • Set Eye Contact

Try immediately to establish the direct eye contact, but at the same time strive to make your eyes kind and gentle. No starring or the tension in your eyes – it repels

  • Smile

A smile is really contagious! In addition to that, it will make you much more open to communication. A smile will light up your face and draw good people like a huge magnet. Try it!

More on this will be posted in our subsequent post on relationships and see, do well to check from time to time.

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