Reason Why ‘B’ Students Are More Intelligent Than ‘A’ Students

You may have scored straight ‘As’ in your in your exams, but that may not be a pointer to just how brilliant you are- that’s according to Dr Hanningtone Gaya, a university lecturer.

“Students who score grade ‘B’ are more intelligent than their counterparts who score As,” Gaya says.
Gaya who is the former Chairman of Brand Kenya Board said that in his experience as a lecturer, ‘B’ students appeared cleverer than the rest who may have scooped higher marks.

“Grade ‘A’ students are mostly ‘crammers,’ ‘B’ students on the other hand are quite intelligent,” said Gaya. We can also report that while most colleges and universities have no problem admitting ‘A’ students, they don’t want to fill their schools with them- they prefer diversity on their campuses.

Also Speaking , Maxwell Odhiambo, the principal at Musaria Secondary School, said that in his 20 years’ teaching experience, he would classify B students as more intelligent.

“I have seen some who start even from certificate level, climb through the ranks and are very successful,” said Odhiambo.

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